Join Industrial Action with UCU and UNISON over pay

UCU and Unison National Pay Strike

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Joint Unions Picket outside David Hockney Building from 7.30am onwards

UCU along with Unison (support staff) will be taking action this Wednesday, 24 February, 2016 in support of our claim for fairer pay. We are pleased to say that UCU members will be joined on strike by Unison members who have also voted to support strike action.

Pay is crucial, while we all work for our students, we expect a fair reward. The average further education (FE) member has lost around £5,950 as a result of pay not keeping up with inflation over the last five years.

If you have not visited yet find out how much you have lost here.

At Bradford College we have been put on a contract that increased our workloads and delivered, we have been told by senior management, 8% more in terms of productivity for not a penny more.

In fact the last time we saw a pay rise it was sufficient to cover our IFL membership! In addition we have all seen colleagues leave the college with the corresponding increase in our workloads. Ill health and sickness due to stress related factors is at an all-time high.

Bradford College along with other colleges need to demonstrate they value their staff.

This action is for everyone’s pay regardless of whether you teach FE or HE , are an assessor or a coach, whether you are security, cleaners or support staff.

Stand up for FE and stand up for staff

Support this strike action. Join your picket on Wednesday 24th Feb

Print out the attached poster.


Bradford College Staff show strength and unity

To All Involved,

We showed strength and unity today. Taking strike action is never easy, despite the sun. We want to be doing our jobs for good of the College and for the people of Bradford so they continue to have access to a quality education no matter their age or background. Beneath the smiles and the sunny day surface we are angry and were forced to take action. If anyone has pictures they wish to share, send them to the email address or add them onto the Facebook page.

We picketed in the morning

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And we lobbied in the afternoon

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Thanks to Ian Ellis for the photographs.

Save Adult Education and FE Rally, Leeds

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Greetings of solidarity come from our colleagues in other colleges from across the region and nationally to Bradford College staff. We were congratulated on a good campaign and strike.

Let’s keep it up!

We are united in the importance of proper lifelong learning for all and at all levels. Knowledge is strength!

Love FE, Defend Our Jobs, Save Adult Education

save adult education

Rally for Further Education

Tuesday 30th June


Leeds City Art Gallery

 Further Education is at risk of extinction by being starved of funding by this Government. Massive cuts to FE budgets have led to fewer educational opportunities for our communities, course closures, site closures and of course many redundancies of dedicated teaching and support staff. Join members of UCU, UNISON, GMB and other Unions at the rally to show your support for Further Education.


Come to this vital branch meeting 12-1, 24 June in Lister Lecture Theatre and other news

This week, some of the Defend Education Action Group attended the “End Austerity Now” demonstration that attracted as many as 250,000 marchers. It was a massive strength of feeling that brought people from all parts of the country, young and old, people with disabilities, health and care professionals and users as well as from education and trade unions. All who know the detrimental effects ‘austerity’ is having on public services and on our communities. This is not the time for our employers to use austerity as an excuse but the time to defend what we do, defend education and jobs so that the people of Bradford can have the opportunities they need and deserve in this ever-changing world.

Here’s the good article that we posted before focusing on the neglect of Further Education from governments:

Here are some follow-up letters that some people may find interesting:

We also continued to have a presence over Saturday lunch time in Bradford city centre, despite the rain! Again we thank staff particularly from BR who made the effort. Perhaps people from other departments can join us next weekend?

What else can you do?



12 – 1pm ~ 24th June

Lister Lecture Theatre

Defend Education Defend Jobs