Bradford College UCU Branch out in force once again

Bradford College UCU took up our placards once again. We took part in the national strike action to demand a pay rise and proper investment in FE.

Thank you for your support. We had solid picket lines and know the vast majority of lecturers did not go into the college.

Our workload is comparable to that of school teachers but our rates of pay are not.

We also had messages of support our colleagues at Bradford University and members of Unite and the IWW supported us on the picket line.

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Bradford College Staff show strength and unity

To All Involved,

We showed strength and unity today. Taking strike action is never easy, despite the sun. We want to be doing our jobs for good of the College and for the people of Bradford so they continue to have access to a quality education no matter their age or background. Beneath the smiles and the sunny day surface we are angry and were forced to take action. If anyone has pictures they wish to share, send them to the email address or add them onto the Facebook page.

We picketed in the morning

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And we lobbied in the afternoon

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Thanks to Ian Ellis for the photographs.

Get Ready for Thursday 9th

Last Tuesday had a fantastic turnout. We had over 80 people on the picket lines between 7.30 and 10.00. Let’s do it again Thursday – make it even bigger, even better! Show the management and governors our anger over the plans to cut staff.

UCU members at Bradford College have shown a commitment to fighting to defend education in the city. We know that we are protecting opportunities for vulnerable communities as well as protecting jobs.

We need to continue to campaign and show our resolution by striking one last time this academic year on July 9th. If senior management continue to fail to resolve the situation we will need to continue taking strike action in September at the start of the new academic year.

UCU believe that we are now in a position where the threat of compulsory redundancies could be removed as it has been in a number of other colleges. If this does not happen then the ongoing insecurity may cause the college to lose important members of staff over the summer. College and UCU members need to be able to enjoy the summer break without the threat of redundancy and chaos.

9th July – A key day for the college

Thursday 9th July is a key day for the college. A wide range of visitors are due to be in college on this day for the corporation meeting, examination meetings and interviews for the Principal and Provost posts. The corporation meeting will approve the college budget. If the threat of compulsory redundancies is not withdrawn then we need a large rally at 4pm to send a message to governors that they should only approve the budget if it does not involve compulsory redundancies. Speakers from national UCU and local campaign groups will be attending to give their support to the campaign.

We will also hand in our petition against cuts and redundancies to the corporation meeting. We already have well over a 1,000 signatures. Help us gather more before the 9th. Please bring completed sheets with you on Thursday.

So, on Thursday join the picket from 7.30 onwards and then come and bring friends, family and supporters, stray students for a rally of the governors from 4 o’clock.

Support your union, support your colleagues defend jobs and education at Bradford College.

Bradford College lecturers to take further strike action

Next strike day will be Thursday 9th July.

This will give us the opportunity to have a mass demonstration outside the college as governors arrive for the corporation meeting and UCU deliver the Defend Education Petition.

This week we had a fantastic turnout of over 80 members on pickets lines and great press coverage. Many of us then went on to demonstrate in Leeds.

On Thursday 9th we want as many of us as possible on picket lines from 7.30 -9.30 am. We want EVERYONE to come and demonstrate from 4.00 – 5.15pm so governors understand our anger.

Please get involved and take a stand. No to compulsory redundancies.