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Dear colleagues and friends, welcome back and we hope you have been able to have a good break over the summer.

Firstly, a big thank you, to every Bradford College UCU member. You will be well aware that back in May of this year the college proposed 80+ redundancies. Through the actions and fantastic support of the branch members we have had… NO COMPULSORY REDUNDANCIES.

As you know we took 2 days of action and held a very noisy lobby of the Governors as well as collecting, over 8 Saturdays, a petition signed by the Bradford community. We should also thank members who supported branch officers in proposing alternative and creative solutions for their curriculum areas. Also students at the college who held their own fantastic lobby of Governors and delivered their petition. Ann Jarvis, UCU Regional Official, has also given her excellent support though out this period.

3.5 posts remain at risk from the original college target. This is 3.5 too many.

UCU nationally, locally and here at Bradford College, remain committed to NO COMPULSORY REDUNDANCIES. Our ballot remains live for continued action to defend job and education.


During the last week of the summer term the college notified UCU of this government’s cutting of all funding for Job Centre Plus classes for ESOL students with immediate effect.

This is a massive blow representing 9 full time equivalent posts under threat of potential redundancy. While this is a national government action, not all colleges have reacted as Bradford College has, and announced this reduction in staff.

Of course this attack on ESOL provision comes at a time of massive concern for the plight of refugees and migrants across Europe. We do not believe this cut makes any logical sense.

UCU have a long standing commitment to serve all communities and to defend ESOL provision.

UCU members at Bradford have to be prepared to take further action to defend education.

For more information and to support the campaign…

Action for ESOL Yorkshire:



Build on what we have achieved


Bereavement Policy a Step Forward

Prior to the summer break Bradford College UCU took out a collective grievance against the college to argue for the implementation of a bereavement policy. At present if there is bereavement in your family UCU members on academic contracts have to take any leave they require from their annual leave entitlement. The case was made by UCU branch officers that this is out of line with other college in the Y&H Region where this is not the case. The grievance panel found in favour of UCU and the CEO and HR were instructed to begin talks with UCU with the target of reporting back by October half term.

Non-Graded Observations Progress

Locally UCU branch officers have been arguing for non-graded observation in FE in line with both UCU national policy and developments in Ofsted. At the end of last term Bradford College finally agreed that they would pilot non-graded observation in selected curriculum areas. Talks are due to commence between the college and UCU as to the format of these non-graded observations.

That we are making progress on these issues and have resisted compulsory redundancies is due to your strength, support for your branch officers and willingness to take action when necessary.

We need to be prepared to take further action, make sure every colleague, member or not, gets a copy of this newsletter. Make sure every lecturer is a member of UCU.

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