Fame for Bradford College Engineering

FE News reporter caught up with one of our Engineering Lecturers who attended the recent UCU Cradle to the Grave Conference.

Read about it here:

UCU #cradletograve conference – what the FE delegates had to say

You can see highlights from the conference here:



Join Industrial Action with UCU and UNISON over pay

UCU and Unison National Pay Strike

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Joint Unions Picket outside David Hockney Building from 7.30am onwards

UCU along with Unison (support staff) will be taking action this Wednesday, 24 February, 2016 in support of our claim for fairer pay. We are pleased to say that UCU members will be joined on strike by Unison members who have also voted to support strike action.

Pay is crucial, while we all work for our students, we expect a fair reward. The average further education (FE) member has lost around £5,950 as a result of pay not keeping up with inflation over the last five years.

If you have not visited yet find out how much you have lost here. https://www.ucu.org.uk/article/8086/FE-rate-for-the-job

At Bradford College we have been put on a contract that increased our workloads and delivered, we have been told by senior management, 8% more in terms of productivity for not a penny more.

In fact the last time we saw a pay rise it was sufficient to cover our IFL membership! In addition we have all seen colleagues leave the college with the corresponding increase in our workloads. Ill health and sickness due to stress related factors is at an all-time high.

Bradford College along with other colleges need to demonstrate they value their staff.

This action is for everyone’s pay regardless of whether you teach FE or HE , are an assessor or a coach, whether you are security, cleaners or support staff.

Stand up for FE and stand up for staff

Support this strike action. Join your picket on Wednesday 24th Feb

Print out the attached poster.

JOIN UCU TODAY AT : https://www.ucu.org.uk/join

UCU Recruitment Week at Bradford College

Usual suspects presenting a united front!



Bradford College have just been part of UCU’s national Recruitment Week holding a stall each morning in the DHB.

Firstly, it has to be said that the vast majority of lecturers passing the stalls were already members. It is clear that the density of membership  of the branch is very high most lecturing staff in the college are members of UCU. This is important for non-members to be made aware of. During the week we spoke to a number of no-members and we will be following those staff up.

If you are aware of any non-members please make them aware of this blog and they can see what we’ve done.

Remember, we welcome anyone working in the college who have a teaching and learning role:

  • lecturers: full-time, fractional and part-time hourly paid;
  • trainer assessors;
  • progress coaches.

All welcome and all represented!

If you are aware of staff who have yet to join UCU please direct them to: http://www.ucu.org.uk/join

Bradford College UCU Branch out in force once again

Bradford College UCU took up our placards once again. We took part in the national strike action to demand a pay rise and proper investment in FE.

Thank you for your support. We had solid picket lines and know the vast majority of lecturers did not go into the college.

Our workload is comparable to that of school teachers but our rates of pay are not.

We also had messages of support our colleagues at Bradford University and members of Unite and the IWW supported us on the picket line.

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Branch meeting

Our UCU General Secretary

Sally Hunt

is attending our branch meeting on

Thursday 22nd October

  • We still have 9 FTEs in ESOL at risk of redundancy
  • We are being expected to work harder than ever
  • We have student numbers through the roof
  • Workloads are greater than ever
  • We have a very reasonable and simple pay claim of an increase in pay of £1 per working hour for all staff

 Sally is here to congratulate us and show ongoing support in our fight for fair pay

 Meeting 12 – 1pm

You have permission to close your class at 11.30 am and start your class at 1.30 pm to ensure safety

Lister Lecture Theatre D1

Balloting for strike action over pay – Vote YES

Have you received your ballot? If not, click here to report it: https://www.ucu.org.uk/nofeballot

Vote YES for strike action

Here’s a message from UCU’s President-elect (who came to our lobby of the governors in July)

Dear colleague,

I am writing to you as president-elect of UCU to urge you to please vote and vote yes in the current ballot on further education (FE) pay.

I have worked in further education for nearly 20 years, and it’s clear to me that this is an unprecedented attack on our pay, living standards and on the morale of the profession. Since August 2009 your employers have offered a series of below inflation pay rises that together equal less than 3% in total. When compared to the rising cost of living over the same period, lecturers have suffered a pay cut of over 17% in real terms. At the same time we face rising workloads and, in many colleges, detrimental changes to our terms and conditions.

This is why we need all members to take part in this ballot. A strong vote for action is crucial if we are to make the employers listen.

Your ballot paper should by now have arrived at your preferred postal address. If you haven’t received it by tomorrow Friday 2 October then please notify us here.

The ballot closes at noon on Thursday 15 October and I urge you to vote YES to strike action.

All the best,

Rob Goodfellow
President-elect, UCU