Branch meeting

Our UCU General Secretary

Sally Hunt

is attending our branch meeting on

Thursday 22nd October

  • We still have 9 FTEs in ESOL at risk of redundancy
  • We are being expected to work harder than ever
  • We have student numbers through the roof
  • Workloads are greater than ever
  • We have a very reasonable and simple pay claim of an increase in pay of £1 per working hour for all staff

 Sally is here to congratulate us and show ongoing support in our fight for fair pay

 Meeting 12 – 1pm

You have permission to close your class at 11.30 am and start your class at 1.30 pm to ensure safety

Lister Lecture Theatre D1


Balloting for strike action over pay – Vote YES

Have you received your ballot? If not, click here to report it:

Vote YES for strike action

Here’s a message from UCU’s President-elect (who came to our lobby of the governors in July)

Dear colleague,

I am writing to you as president-elect of UCU to urge you to please vote and vote yes in the current ballot on further education (FE) pay.

I have worked in further education for nearly 20 years, and it’s clear to me that this is an unprecedented attack on our pay, living standards and on the morale of the profession. Since August 2009 your employers have offered a series of below inflation pay rises that together equal less than 3% in total. When compared to the rising cost of living over the same period, lecturers have suffered a pay cut of over 17% in real terms. At the same time we face rising workloads and, in many colleges, detrimental changes to our terms and conditions.

This is why we need all members to take part in this ballot. A strong vote for action is crucial if we are to make the employers listen.

Your ballot paper should by now have arrived at your preferred postal address. If you haven’t received it by tomorrow Friday 2 October then please notify us here.

The ballot closes at noon on Thursday 15 October and I urge you to vote YES to strike action.

All the best,

Rob Goodfellow
President-elect, UCU

National demonstration on 4th October at Tory Party Conference


You may be aware that a demonstration at the Tory Party Conference has been called. See the details here:

The national demonstration is on Sunday 4th October with events going on during the week, people can stay over if you have the time!

Anyone in the Bradford area get in touch with Barry 07971038779. They have train tickets available.

Anyone in Leeds or Wakefield, there are free coaches:

Coaches for main Demo Oct 4th 
Unite Members free  provide: Name, Membership No, No of people incl, yourself. (Just say you’re a UCU member)
Leeds Trades Council free Coaches. Ring Leeds Unison  0113  245  8442  or email  to book.

In other areas including Barnsley and Calderdale, please see the People’s Assembly site:

UCU are supporting this demonstration to highlight the cuts to education. Please see the flyer attached.

Welcome to UCU Bradford College blogsite



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Welcome members, prospective members and public,
We set up this site to keep members informed on the Defend Education at Bradford College campaign. That campaign has been a success. In May, we were all put under threat of redundancy and so far there have been no compulsory redundancies. We did have to say good bye to colleagues taking VR and we wish them well in their lives outside the College. However, there is still the unresolved situation in ESOL with 9 FTE still under threat. So, there’s still more to do.

The government are clearly showing full disregard for FE and adult education. They are continuing to chip away at our funding streams. We must continue to pull together and keep the Defend Education campaign going.

Below you can read and see pictures of our activities over the last academic term and we intend to keep this up-to-date with current events and matters of interest.

If you are a lecturer at Bradford College, and you’re not a member of UCU, we urge you to join.
If you are a member, please help us and make sure everyone in your area is a member.

Defending ESOL at Bradford College

This week, our branch secretary, Geraint Evans, was invited to speak to Bradford Community Broadcasting Radio during the Drive Time slot. You can hear him talking about the importance of ESOL at Bradford College here: Click on Drive Time and look for Thursday, 24th September, he’s half way through 5 to 6 podcast.

Many thanks from the Action for ESOL team.

You can also support us by downloading and adapting this letter to council %28v4 ucu.

Please adapt it and send it to your councillors and MP. The more pressure they get from different places the better.


no dead wood pic 2

Dear colleagues and friends, welcome back and we hope you have been able to have a good break over the summer.

Firstly, a big thank you, to every Bradford College UCU member. You will be well aware that back in May of this year the college proposed 80+ redundancies. Through the actions and fantastic support of the branch members we have had… NO COMPULSORY REDUNDANCIES.

As you know we took 2 days of action and held a very noisy lobby of the Governors as well as collecting, over 8 Saturdays, a petition signed by the Bradford community. We should also thank members who supported branch officers in proposing alternative and creative solutions for their curriculum areas. Also students at the college who held their own fantastic lobby of Governors and delivered their petition. Ann Jarvis, UCU Regional Official, has also given her excellent support though out this period.

3.5 posts remain at risk from the original college target. This is 3.5 too many.

UCU nationally, locally and here at Bradford College, remain committed to NO COMPULSORY REDUNDANCIES. Our ballot remains live for continued action to defend job and education.


During the last week of the summer term the college notified UCU of this government’s cutting of all funding for Job Centre Plus classes for ESOL students with immediate effect.

This is a massive blow representing 9 full time equivalent posts under threat of potential redundancy. While this is a national government action, not all colleges have reacted as Bradford College has, and announced this reduction in staff.

Of course this attack on ESOL provision comes at a time of massive concern for the plight of refugees and migrants across Europe. We do not believe this cut makes any logical sense.

UCU have a long standing commitment to serve all communities and to defend ESOL provision.

UCU members at Bradford have to be prepared to take further action to defend education.

For more information and to support the campaign…

Action for ESOL Yorkshire:



Build on what we have achieved


Bereavement Policy a Step Forward

Prior to the summer break Bradford College UCU took out a collective grievance against the college to argue for the implementation of a bereavement policy. At present if there is bereavement in your family UCU members on academic contracts have to take any leave they require from their annual leave entitlement. The case was made by UCU branch officers that this is out of line with other college in the Y&H Region where this is not the case. The grievance panel found in favour of UCU and the CEO and HR were instructed to begin talks with UCU with the target of reporting back by October half term.

Non-Graded Observations Progress

Locally UCU branch officers have been arguing for non-graded observation in FE in line with both UCU national policy and developments in Ofsted. At the end of last term Bradford College finally agreed that they would pilot non-graded observation in selected curriculum areas. Talks are due to commence between the college and UCU as to the format of these non-graded observations.

That we are making progress on these issues and have resisted compulsory redundancies is due to your strength, support for your branch officers and willingness to take action when necessary.

We need to be prepared to take further action, make sure every colleague, member or not, gets a copy of this newsletter. Make sure every lecturer is a member of UCU.

Build the union

Bad news as hard working lecturers finished for their summer break

As we were going off on our summer leave after a tough year, there came the announcement that the government were going to make a further 3.9% to the Adult Skills Budget (on top of the 24% cut already announced) and total withdrawal to funding the to JCP ESOL Mandation courses. At Bradford College, these courses represent 1/3 of the work carried out by ESOL Bradford lecturers.

So, when we thought it was safe to go on holiday, ESOL staff are now back in a redundancy pool.

Action for ESOL are taking steps to try to campaign against these really damaging cuts. Please see the

Locally, there is a splinter group Action for ESOL Yorkshire that is trying to co-ordinate action we can take across the region since this is going to hit all colleges.

The principal of Kirklees College has come out against the cuts:

We are calling on the new principal of Bradford College to do the same and support Action for ESOL.

We are also inviting you to continue to help us campaign to protect the quality and provision of ESOL and adult education.

One suggestion to fill the gap left by proper investment is that volunteers and neighbours can help teach ESOL:

So, what can you do?

If you are an ESOL lecturer, continue having your summer break but don’t forget that your union is here to support you. The contacts in the previous post still apply.

When you come back, be ready to continue the fight for quality jobs and education in FE.

In solidarity,

Defend Education at Bradford College