About Our Campaign

We would like to invite you to help us campaign to protect the quality of education at Bradford College. The college is an important resource that provides courses for local people of all ages at all educational levels. We are particularly proud of our record in Adult Education through which many students who have had a poor educational start in life have been enabled to achieve and progress.

The Attack on Adult Education

The Government has cut the adult skills budget by 32% in real terms since 2010. Next year academic year, 2015 – 2016, there are plans to cut the English adult further education budget, once funding for apprenticeships is excluded, by 24%. This enormous cut in funding will decimate further education provision, leave millions of the most vulnerable adults without access to any opportunity to improve their education or retrain and put thousands of Further Education jobs at risk. Staff and students at the college are calling upon the government not to implement these cuts and to instead invest properly in lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Defend Your Local College

At Bradford College these cuts have put further pressure upon already strained budgets. Seventy members of staff are already under threat of redundancy and more cuts will follow. Redundancies at Bradford College would be short sighted and highly damaging to the prospects of the people of Bradford who desperately need the College and the opportunities for education that lecturers and support staff provide.

What You Can Do

  • Add your name to the UCU national petition to stop the cuts in Adult Education: http://www.ucu.org.uk/fefunding and circulate the petition to your friends and colleagues
  • Sign and circulate the accompanying petition to Protect Education at Bradford College
  • Write to your local MPs and councillors
  • Look out for and support campaign stalls in Bradford City Centre, help us campaign
  • Keep an eye on the latest news and events, and add your voice to the debate

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