Solidarity messages

Bradford College branch would like to thank those who have sent solidarity messages so far. In no particular order:


In the call for solidarity we received this from Nita Sanghera:

Bournville College pledge solidarity with Bradford College. We know, very well, what it is like to be left high and dry by the incompetency’s of management. As one of the first colleges to be part of the FE Commissioners Area Review the members were the ones that had to pay.

We fully support your call for a democratic governance; only interested parties, that have been crushed by the constant barrage of cuts and austerity measures can really know the true impact of constant attacks on terms and conditions, which translates into a fundamental attack on education itself.


Nita Sanghera


Just wanted to wish our colleagues at Bradford a message of support.
A democratically run system with proper representation of unions and students is the way forward.
We have seen years of mismanagement, of colleges run as  businesses rather than as Further Educational Institutions that support and belong to their communities. What has happened at Bradford is a lesson for us all and your decision not only to challenge the system but offer a positive solution is a clear and brave guideline for us all.
We at Leeds City College UCU offer our full support.
UCU LCC branch
Barbara Revington
Leeds City College UCU Branch


Solidarity! Please pass on solidarity from West Midlands region and Halesowen College UCU and let us know of any way we can support you.


Rhiannon Lockley

West Midlands Chair



This looks very good. well done with that. Solidarity from Londonmet.

Best wishes
Christina Paine

London Met Branch Secretary



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