Saturday stalls continue into week 5

This Saturday stall coincided with Bradford Festival. It was a fantastic weekend of music, theatre, dance and other activities. Other organisations used the opportunity to market their services. Askham Bryan College had a stall to promote their courses. Northern Rail had a Recruitment Surgery.

Where was Bradford College?

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Here are members of the Defend Education at Bradford College Action Group asking the good people of Bradford to give support to their College by signing our petition and writing to their MPs.

Over the course of the 5 weeks that we have been in the city centre, the public have been taking the opportunity to ask us about the courses available to them. Therefore, we have been in a position to promote our College because we want students to come and learn and engage in the high quality education and training that we provide and can only do so if we have the lecturers and the support staff in place. So we continue to say: no to cuts and no to compulsory redundancies.

So we ask again, where was the Bradford College stall on Saturday? We couldn’t see it.

This week many colleagues from Bolton Royd gave up some of their Saturday for the stall. Could you or people in your areas organise to join us this coming week? Get in touch. Get involved!

The ballot closes on Wednesday. Look out for and start preparing for the results.


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