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Welcome members, prospective members and public,
We set up this site to keep members informed on the Defend Education at Bradford College campaign. That campaign has been a success. In May, we were all put under threat of redundancy and so far there have been no compulsory redundancies. We did have to say good bye to colleagues taking VR and we wish them well in their lives outside the College. However, there is still the unresolved situation in ESOL with 9 FTE still under threat. So, there’s still more to do.

The government are clearly showing full disregard for FE and adult education. They are continuing to chip away at our funding streams. We must continue to pull together and keep the Defend Education campaign going.

Below you can read and see pictures of our activities over the last academic term and we intend to keep this up-to-date with current events and matters of interest.

If you are a lecturer at Bradford College, and you’re not a member of UCU, we urge you to join.
If you are a member, please help us and make sure everyone in your area is a member.

Solidarity messages

Bradford College branch would like to thank those who have sent solidarity messages so far. In no particular order:


In the call for solidarity we received this from Nita Sanghera:

Bournville College pledge solidarity with Bradford College. We know, very well, what it is like to be left high and dry by the incompetency’s of management. As one of the first colleges to be part of the FE Commissioners Area Review the members were the ones that had to pay.

We fully support your call for a democratic governance; only interested parties, that have been crushed by the constant barrage of cuts and austerity measures can really know the true impact of constant attacks on terms and conditions, which translates into a fundamental attack on education itself.


Nita Sanghera


Just wanted to wish our colleagues at Bradford a message of support.
A democratically run system with proper representation of unions and students is the way forward.
We have seen years of mismanagement, of colleges run as  businesses rather than as Further Educational Institutions that support and belong to their communities. What has happened at Bradford is a lesson for us all and your decision not only to challenge the system but offer a positive solution is a clear and brave guideline for us all.
We at Leeds City College UCU offer our full support.
UCU LCC branch
Barbara Revington
Leeds City College UCU Branch


Solidarity! Please pass on solidarity from West Midlands region and Halesowen College UCU and let us know of any way we can support you.


Rhiannon Lockley

West Midlands Chair



This looks very good. well done with that. Solidarity from Londonmet.

Best wishes
Christina Paine

London Met Branch Secretary



Bradford College UCU branch calls for a radical overhaul of governance at the College

Following an announcement last month that the College is to be scrutinised by the FE Commissioner and it has fallen into inadequate financial health, the local UCU branch has decided that this latest crisis is the final straw. Following successive years of pay freezes, redundancy rounds and the dismantling of terms and conditions, members are now calling for a fundamentally different approach to the way in which their college is managed.
At a branch meeting held last week, a motion passed unanimously resolved to present four fundamental alternatives to the ongoing mismanagement of the College including the introduction of a democratic management structure in which, competent governors, elected union officials and students are provided with appropriate information and resources in order to be actively involved in strategic decision making.
The branch also resolved to ballot for industrial action in the event of management addressing any financial weakness through a reduction of expenditure on staffing other than that of the Executive or any move by the College to worsen the terms and conditions of UCU members.
The Branch is requesting messages of support and seeking advice from anyone who have experience of developing worker co-ops.


Sexual violence and harassment: a UCU statement

The national executive committee agreed this statement on sexual violence and harassment and are asking branches to adopt the statement locally and seek implementation of the union’s model policy with their employer.

1.1  Sexual harassment and abuse is receiving ongoing media coverage, highlighting its harmful consequences, especially where combined with power inequalities. Sexual misconduct within universities and colleges is also now receiving renewed attention. Sexual harassment and abuse is overwhelmingly, although not exclusively, experienced by women and contributes to other workplace inequalities faced by female members and students.

1.2  We stand in solidarity with all of those opposing sexual violence and harassment. We recognise that sexual harassment and violence are endemic in society, and that our movement and the sectors we organise in are unfortunately not exempt. The transformative power of education gives us a particular responsibility to confront and challenge violence and harassment within our union and across our colleges and universities.

1.3  UCU members are affected by sexual harassment and sexual abuse, some as a direct experience. Other members risk victimisation from those with power in their workplace when supporting students or colleagues who speak out about the harassment or violence they have experienced.

1.4  We recognise the enormous challenges faced by those who experience violence and harassment, and the pressures they face, from perpetrators and others in power, not to complain about violence, abuse and harassment. We are committed to ensuring there is a safe, fair and transparent system to address their experiences.

1.5  We believe that all women who complain of male violence have the right to be listened to and supported.

1.6  We recognise that there may be a legacy of abuse that continues beyond the conclusion of formal processes and that UCU support should reflect this including providing support for victims and supporters who face retaliation.

1.7  All members have a responsibility to work to ensure that our union is a safe space.

1.8  We as a national executive committee affirm:

  • prioritising local implementation of the sexual harassment model policy in all branches
  • encouraging reps to attend sexual harassment training
  • working with NUS, 1752 and Universities UK to agree procedures that are timely, appropriate, fair and supportive for staff and students involved in sexual harassment cases
  • fully supporting and involving ourselves locally in the ’16 Days against gender based violence’ which starts on November 25th 2017 (www.ucu.org.uk/16days)
  • circulating this statement and materials to all branches and members. We encourage branches to discuss this statement, endorse it and develop joint campaigns with their local students union.

1.9  Anyone who is affected by this please contact your branch, regional office or national office as you see appropriate. You will be listened to seriously.

Press release

Joint Press Release

Following a meeting with management earlier this week, the staff Unions UCU and Unison were shocked to learn that the 3 year budget finalised and presented to ESFA in July 2017 was now claimed to be widely inaccurate by the newly appointed Finance Director, who commenced post over the summer. However, it was also stated that the employer wanted to move to a position of building up its reserves to in excess of £6.6M and therefore a new 3 year budget and recovery plan needed to be drafted and will be presented to the Corporation in December. It is believed that the debts that have been caused by investment in new buildings (£4million per annum to service that debt) may be a significant factor in the apparent change to the forecast and the unions await a more detailed analysis of the finances.

Concerns have long been raised by the joint trade unions over the £50M David Hockney Building since (before) its inception and specifically whether the design was going to be fit for purpose. Since its opening in [2014] unions have continually raised health and safety concerns about the building [sufficient space for teaching learning and staff, appropriate space class rooms and labs, concerns over monitoring of open spaces, heating, lighting, noise ,floor power points, potentially unsafe banisters] and the fact that many staff are having to deliver teaching and learning in ‘open zones’.  These issues have detrimentally impacted upon both the learning and teaching experience due to excessive noise levels, fears of being overlooked and staff wellbeing. Indeed, some fee paying HE students have had to sit on the floor for lessons.  Management have previously claimed that the college is 84% underutilised whilst teaching staff are reporting an increase and regular use of these zones for formal teaching sessions.  Some staff and students have no access to a classroom at all throughout their timetable.  The unions are deeply concerned about the negative impact this has on teaching, learning and achievement at college as well as the serious implications for staff stress and well-being. A petition, currently signed by over 100 staff has called for college management to end the use of ‘open zones’ and to guarantee appropriate teaching spaces for staff and students.

This is just one example where the concerns of staff have not been listened to with regards to the history of the College. This is in the context of front line staff being made redundant in recent years and their pay frozen in comparison to an increase in both the number of senior management post holders and their (overall )pay and an eye watering £3 million spent on consultants. Despite the increase in spending on senior managers, this has not resulted in the healthy and vibrant college that the people of Bradford need and deserve.

The FE commissioner also visited the College last week and staff unions have requested sight of all the information that was shared with the commissioner so that we can feed into any strategic review/ plan. So far this information has not been provided.

Branch motion overwhelmingly passed

This union branch notes the following developments in the college:

  1. A grade 3 OFSTED inspection report;
  2. A fall in both student enrolment and income in the College’s HE sector;
  3. Increases in the College’s repayments on its loans;
  4. Increases in the number of staff recruited from agencies;
  5. Substantial increases in payments to consultants;
  6. The resignation of the College Group’s Chief Executive.

Clearly, the College is in yet another crisis; a crisis created entirely by management, not the workforce. Management need to provide timely and acurrate information. We resolve to present four fundamental alternatives to the ongoing mismanagement of the College.

The College should, without delay:

  1. An immediate reduction in executive pay, expenses and perks and a cap on executive salary
  2. Cease all engagement of consultants and instead utilise the substantial staff resources of the College;
  3. End all agency outsourcing and employ all staff directly;
  4. Introduce a democratic management structure in which, competent governors, elected union officials and students are provided with appropriate information and resources in order to be actively involved in strategic decision making.


In addition, Bradford College UCU will ballot for action short of and including industrial action in the event of the College seeking to address financial weakness through making our members compulsorily redundant or a worsening of our terms and conditions of service.

Pay & TAP Day

At an angry UCU branch meeting this week the Pay 2016 motion  was passed unanimously in response to the news that at UCU’s Further Education Committee on the 4th March our pay campaign was, by 2 votes, called off.
The anger from members at the meeting was such that, from the floor, an amendment to the motion  was called for to continue to pursue a fair pay claim here at Bradford.
To add to the fun of TAP day Bradford College UCU will be holding a stall from 8 am in the foyer of the DHB. Please stop by.
We will also be showing Witness, a film made by UCU and initiated by the UCU Black Members’ Committee, chronicling the lived experiences of black members in Post 16 Education.
Umit Yildiz, presently undertaking research into Prevent, will introduce the film.
Join us in  4F-27 from 12.30 -1.30 (Come after the staff briefing)


There’s power in a union (or two or three)

Dear all,
Huge congratulations to all those who participated and supported this week’s historic joint UCU and Unison strike action for fair pay in FE! It was fantastic to see Unison members on the picket line at DHB.
The day was a great success. Highlights included:  incredible photos of busy picket lines from colleges all over the country.
In her speech, Sally Hunt, General Secretary congratulated strikers and paved the way for further action: “If we have to do this again, then we do. Every step of the way challenge AoC’s policy. We should be very proud’
 Gorden Marsden, Shadow Skills and FE Minister showed once again Labour support for our strike, for our vision of education and our concerns about the upcoming area reviews  –
Great coverage in the national and local press, even the Daily Mail!
You may also be interested in:
UCU ‘Cradle to Grave’ conference – video report now available
UCU held its annual ‘Cradle to Grave’ conference in defence of public education at the weekend and we were delighted to welcome Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as well Natalie Bennett from the Green Party, UCU’s Sally Hunt and Channel Four News economics editor Paul Mason. Jeremy Corbyn spoke about the value and necessity of education and gave a stirring defence of trade unions.


Real show of strength between colleagues today. ‪#‎powerinaunion‬! ‪#‎fairpayinFE‬ ‪#‎UCU‬ ‪#‎unison‬   and College IWW members  taking a stand and saying enough is enough! Workload up + pay freeze = very unhappy staff

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For more coverage nationwide see here. BC made it onto the cut! https://www.ucu.org.uk/fepayengland


Fame for Bradford College Engineering

FE News reporter caught up with one of our Engineering Lecturers who attended the recent UCU Cradle to the Grave Conference.

Read about it here:

UCU #cradletograve conference – what the FE delegates had to say

You can see highlights from the conference here:



Join Industrial Action with UCU and UNISON over pay

UCU and Unison National Pay Strike

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Joint Unions Picket outside David Hockney Building from 7.30am onwards

UCU along with Unison (support staff) will be taking action this Wednesday, 24 February, 2016 in support of our claim for fairer pay. We are pleased to say that UCU members will be joined on strike by Unison members who have also voted to support strike action.

Pay is crucial, while we all work for our students, we expect a fair reward. The average further education (FE) member has lost around £5,950 as a result of pay not keeping up with inflation over the last five years.

If you have not visited yet find out how much you have lost here. https://www.ucu.org.uk/article/8086/FE-rate-for-the-job

At Bradford College we have been put on a contract that increased our workloads and delivered, we have been told by senior management, 8% more in terms of productivity for not a penny more.

In fact the last time we saw a pay rise it was sufficient to cover our IFL membership! In addition we have all seen colleagues leave the college with the corresponding increase in our workloads. Ill health and sickness due to stress related factors is at an all-time high.

Bradford College along with other colleges need to demonstrate they value their staff.

This action is for everyone’s pay regardless of whether you teach FE or HE , are an assessor or a coach, whether you are security, cleaners or support staff.

Stand up for FE and stand up for staff

Support this strike action. Join your picket on Wednesday 24th Feb

Print out the attached poster.

JOIN UCU TODAY AT : https://www.ucu.org.uk/join